Our story

I started Grapes & Grains at the end of 2019 in Hong Kong, having completed WSET advanced level in 2014. Since then, I realised learning about wine, sake and spirits is a lifelong endeavour. The wine world is almost limitless and one thing we enjoy the most is to discover something new (and tasty) to share with others.

We travel to different wine shows both locally and overseas to discover hidden gems which we feel are not otherwise readily available in this region. In order to help our customers find the right products, we also attend wine auctions regularly to source some rare vintage wines. We have a range of wines, sake and whisky for different occasions, whether you just want something simple after work, with dinner with your loved ones, friends, colleagues or clients or if you want a bottle as a present. We have just that for you.

We also represent wineries with great products, we can help attend local wine shows and organize tasting events such as masterclasses, wine pairing dinners and wine tasting, If you are interested in our services, please get in touch.

Chris Lau